Three vital leadership lessons from Richard Branson for when times are tough


Posted by Lucas Farell | Posted in Perth News | Posted on 22-05-2017

Richard Branson

Leadership is a big challenge at anytime. But in tough times, it becomes even more challenging for business owners to lead their team effectively. Luckily, there are some specific steps that can help you become an effective leader even on tough situations.

The most important tip you should consider if you want to become a good leader is to know the people that build your business and build relationships with them based on trust. This may take some time and effort, but work is the best place for some of your employees to get much recognition especially in today’s fast paced society. Trust is the key to solid relationships whether in the family or at work. That simply means that honesty and integrity are essential to building trust.

Secondly, you need to clearly communicate with your employees and know how to follow-up so that your expectations are clear to them. One of the leading causes of frustration and poor performance is unclear expectations. If you want to become a great leader, it your responsibility to clearly identify, define and communicate the basic work expectations. If you haven’t done it or it’s been a while DO IT NOW.

Consistency and persistence are also important. You should set the example in learning and applying skills. Have a development plan for the year.

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How the Best Companies Do Diversity Right


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People are all born with a lot of similarities, but every individual is unique in our own way. This is because each of us is influenced by the people who are surrounded around us, and what those people teach us are some of the influences that we may have within us. This uniqueness is also one of the reasons why managing a workplace is tough.

Though it can sometimes present challenges, diversity in the workplace helps to brings about numerous amounts of great ideas, change, and values for people with differences in opinions and cultures. It is healthy to have diversity in the workplace. Without diversity, we would not have many of the foods that one eats today.

Diversity in the work place means having people of different cultures, backgrounds, age, religions, and beliefs, to come together and work together in the workplace. Without diversity, a company may or may not be open to new ideas and change.

Adding diverse cultures and races to your organisation can be a nice move as you can attract better workers of different cultures and races. This helps to generate new ideas and help your business to grow in all aspects. This can be helpful in a global market.

If you want to become successful in managing your workplace and achieve success in your business, you need to know how to manage diversity.

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25 Ways to Make Your First Online Sale


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As a new entrepreneur, you have high hopes of one day having a career as a successful business owner. You probably have spent a lot of hours on improving your first product. Unfortunately, just like what happens to most new, inexperienced business owners, reaching your goals can be tough as many more experienced ones are in your competition.

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So you have heard that promoting your product online is an easy and quick way to making money. Well, it isn’t a quick and easy way to make money but at least with the right approach, you can use the internet to have an edge over your “experienced” competitors. Meanwhile, keep in mind that it is impossible for anyone to magically started making money online overnight with no work.

If you want to make your first sale online and become a successful online business owner, you should stop worrying about making money online. Stop looking for the magic push button system that magically makes you rich overnight.

Do you want to know the secret to making your first sales online? Aside from building a good strategic plan, you need to provide your targeted customers with “value”. When talking about value, you need to give your audience valuable information so that they will be attracted to your content. And once you have already got their attention, they will be able to know about your new product.

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Feasibility Study


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So you already have the funds you need and eagerness to start your small business. However, are you certain with your business idea? When we have an idea for a business, we have to analyse the viability of the idea first, no matter how small or simple the business idea is. This process is known as a feasibility study.

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The primary purpose of the study is to help you figure out whether your small business idea is viable or not. If the idea turns out to be not viable, we can save a lot of money and time by finding it out earlier.

In business feasibility study process, the aspiring entrepreneur carefully examines the scenarios that he or she has for the small business. By considering related factors like the market trends, competitors, the capital needed for starting up, government regulations, economic conditions, and of course the possibility of gaining profit, you try to evaluate the likeliness of the scenarios to be successfully implemented.

Normally during this process, your list of scenarios that are being considered is reduced. You should be able to decide whether to continue developing and implementing the business idea, or not once you are done examining the implications, strengths, and weaknesses of each scenario, . If the idea turns out to be not viable, you should find another.

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What Is My Business Worth?


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Do you know how much your business actually worth? There are some businessmen do not know the value or worth of their business. There are some steps to follow if you want to know the value of your business. But before, we can talk about these steps, there are other things that we must discuss and do before we can get a complete and accurate answer.

PhotoWhy do you need to know the worth of your business? One of the most common reasons why business owners would like to know the value of their company is when they are planning to sell it. When you know how much your company actually worth, deciding on the price to offer to your buyer becomes a lot easier.

So now, how do we get the exact value of a business? The simplest way is to just get the net present value of all future “free cash flows” (cash inflow minus cash outflow). Of course, there are slightly more complicated formulas to find the value of a company. Fortunately you don’t really need to know in detail, since there are so many free calculators online.

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Quarter-life crisis: What you should know about life and money by the time you’re 25


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Are you currently at your mid twenties but do not feel worthy because you cannot find a job? Do you seem to be frustrated with life and have nagging insecurities about the future? Do you feel bored with social interactions because you think that everyone around you is doing better than you are? If you have such feelings, they could be symptoms of quarter-life crisis.

Are you having a quarter-life crisis?


quarter life crisisWhat exactly are quarter-life crises anyway? To begin with, quarter-life crisis is a relatively new phenomenon that usually affects educated urban youths who are in their mid 20’s and early 30’s. People who are suffering from this phenomenon usually do not know what career to take or not sure if the career they currently have is the right for them; the same problem for their relationships as well.

Of course, at this time of a person’s life, a lot is happening in terms of your career, your relationships, and your family and friends. Hence, people in such age bracket feel the anxiety about their future and it is pretty normal. However, coping up with this transitional period can be a bit challenging not to mention the fact that we are living in times where a lot more responsibility is put on young people’s shoulders and all that can be quite difficult to cope with.

But why are people experiencing this? Is there some easier ways to cope up with such transitional period in our life?

I’ve just read a great article published by Eric Santos at Perth Now and I was impressed by how Eric stated the 25 things to know by the time you are 25 years old.

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